Clear Direction was founded in 2002 by Sam Simpson, who is a Chartered Marketer and holds a Ph.D. from research on consumer behaviour. Before forming Clear Direction he held senior positions in the media, food and construction industries.
Few consultancies have the business, research, strategic, marketing and communications knowledge and experience to take a project from conception to delivery. Clear Direction has.

We’re totally objective and have no vested interest in promoting a particular approach to research, marketing or a particular medium. We’ll make sure that what you do is right for you.

When you talk to us, you can be sure that’ll we understand your problems and that we’ll focus on what really matters.

Our team includes professionals in research, strategy development, planning, marketing, management, journalism, environmental law, graphic design, IT and online marketing and people who are active in community development work and politics.   

Social and Environmental Responsibilities

Like every business, we want to make a profit, but we want to do it in a responsible way.

We use technology to promote home-working among employees and associates.

Clear Direction is powered by ‘green energy’, as we have are invested in wind and solar power.’ 

Speak to Sam Simpson – 07816 57 66 31