Clear Direction provides research, consultancy and marketing  services for organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

In each of these sectors we can help your organisation or project to succeed and stand out.

Public sector bodies can rely on us to supply professional, value-for money services in key areas including economic strategy development, sustainable strategy development, needs analysis, project and programme evaluation, community consultation, trade development, business mentoring and marketing.

If you’re in business you need to get your marketing and business strategy right, plan well and take the right actions to grow and be more profitable.

In the voluntary sector, you need to stand out, have a sound strategy, think in business terms, tell the world about your work and raise funds.

Your success in both sectors will depend on top quality research, analysis, thinking and marketing.

But sometimes it’s hard to get to grips with what’s involved.

What do you need to know? How do you get the information you need? What direction should you take? What actions should you take? Who needs to hear from you? How can you reach these people? What should you say? How can you say it well? How do you get the most from your budget?

Making good strategic, business, operational and marketing decisions can be tough. And you need make the correct choices.

Success comes from the areas we work in – research, analysis, strategy development, planning, marketing and effective communication.

Think about it as ‘detect, direct, act and connect’.